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Online Study Notes
Study notes ranging through major subjects that can be viewed online on your device
Free Resources
Resources including essays, worksheets, quizzes, assessments, textbooks, powerpoints, case study, research tasks & etc that can be downloaded to your device.
Past Trial Papers
Trial past papers ranging from 1988 to 2015 for major HSC subjects.
Online Multiple Choices
There are two options of Multiple choice, Test mode or practice mode. Multiple choices will be for selected subjects online.


Want classroom experience ? Click the following mathematics subject to watch Eddie Woo classroom videos.

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Our Aim

Our main aim is to help students ace their HSC and reached their desired goal. As AceHSC is an online library of learning resources that are easily accessible and publicly available. Our second objective is that we are protesting against Australian Education System. Due to lack of educating students across Australia. Due to these lack education, students are spending money on many useless resources like booking tutors, purchasing extra textbooks and mainly increasing stress level. If the Australian Education was spot on many students won't be having any stress or spending hundreds on useless resources. And that's why we have created this website that every resource on this site is collected from the internet. We don't own any resource and we have huge respects to its respective owners.