2007 Business – Sydney Tech Trial ( Practise Mode Multiple Choice )

Which of the following management functions is associated with the observing and measuring performance and also analysing variations from particular benchmarks?

The increased importance of green marketing is a response to which change?

Australian STN Metal Fabricators have been worried about their competitiveness and have decided to expand globally though they will be face with large domestic redundancy payouts. What method has been chosen to expand globally?

Ahmed told his new employers Textal Mining that he could not read English when they gave him the safety manual. When he had an accident soon after and asked for his doctor’s bills to be paid, they told him they were not liable because he had not followed safety procedures in the manual. Which legal aspect does this work issue relate to?

Anna feels inferior because she has the old model IPOD, so she decides to buy the new one. Which factor influenced her choice?


Which has been a driver to globalisation?

In a business the accounts receivable turnover ratio is 60 days, where in the previous year it was 50 days. Which of the following would be a suitable strategy for the business to adopt?

What is the value of the working capital?

Computerwiz, a flat management, democratic style company making computers has wanted to buy its own retail outlets and has been approached by Mr Watkins, autocratic head of his hierarchical family business with computer shops all over Australia. What resistance to change may occur if this takeover took place?

Most countries including Australia are members of the world Trade Organisation (WTO). Which of the following best describes this organisation?


Determine the current ratio for 2006 for Aja’s Enterprises.

The Davis Sisters doubled the credit sales of hats and were so surprised to find they had no cash in the business at the end of six months to pay their bi-annual shop rent. How could they solve this problem?

Comparing actual sales to planned sales would be which element of the Marketing Plan?

What is the value of the Owners Equity in 2006?

Athletic Wear Pty Ltd are facing closure from the bank and decide to sell off their subsidiary premises and pay back their mortgage. Which ratio will be changed?


Thutools are a very successful maker of machine parts, which fit a large number of machines. Which market are they in?

A supervisor at a distribution warehouse is directly responsible for twenty workers. Which of the following best describes the situation?

There is much dissatisfaction amongst the Chinese workers of an Australian subsidiary in Shanghai, because only Australian managers are employed and the Chinese now feel ready to take over these positions. What change to staffing systems would solve this?

A business provides after sales service and regularly contacts existing customers. What strategy best describes this activity?

Saytha sees a great future for his small music business and plans to expand over the next 5 years. Which skills of management are being demonstrated by Saytha?