2009 Business – Sydney Tech Trial ( Practise Mode Multiple Choice )

Which of the following is an external influence on a business?

A large company implements a pre-determined set of guidelines to resolve disputes between employees and employers. Which communications system is being implemented by the company?

Which of the following is a driver of globalisation?

Some Australian firms have decreased investment levels in Zimbabwe since 2002 in response to the dictatorship of Robert Mugabe. What political influence has impacted on this decision?

Which market consists of wholesalers and retailers who purchase finished products and sell them again for a profit?


Judy Jenkins reminds every one of her hotel staff of the critical role they play in attracting and retaining good customers. She is applying the:

An employer believes that conflict in the workplace is inevitable because employees and employers have different interests. What is this employer’s perspective on conflict?

An employer plans to hold a meeting with his staff to inform them of a new dress code. What management role is this employer implementing?

Which of the following is part of the financial planning cycle?

Which federal organisation is currently responsible for setting awards in Australia?


Calculate the return on owner’s equity for this company.

A large toy company is setting up a subsidiary in Hong Kong. Management has decided to employ their senior management team from Hong Kong as they are familiar with the market and buying pattern of local customers. Identify the staffing system being used by this company.

Market research indicates that actual sales are not going to reach the planned level. What aspect of the marketing plan process has provided this indication?

An employee of a marketing agency is asked by management to encourage other employees to increase their sales levels. Management feel that workers will respond to this employee as she has charm and charisma that can influence others. Identify the type of power this employee has.

Two companies have agreed to invest in an overseas business whereby each company will own 50% of the new business. This is an example of which of the following methods of expansion?


Management at “Money Lent Bank” and “Cash Stop Bank” are considering merging. Identify the factor which may hinder this merger.

A company has $310,000 in debt finance and $95,000 in equity finance. What would cause gearing to deteriorate for this company?

Which of the following are characteristics of the classical-scientific management theory?

The “Firm Bizkit” company uses a unitary approach to managing staff at its factory. This means that management