2010 Biology – James Ruse Trial ( Practise Mode Multiple Choice )

In his experiment, Louis Pasteur used specially designed flasks and broth. What steps would he need to do in order to make his experiment valid?

Which technology would be appropriate for the non-invasive measurement of oxygen saturation in blood during anaesthesia?

How do fossils that represent transitional forms support the theory of evolution?

What type of evidence did Beadle and Tatum’s experiment provide for mutants, DNA and genetic activity?

The diagram shows two types of blood vessels found in mammalian kidneys. What


In the early 1900s three scientists were influential in furthering our understanding of inheritance beyond the work of Mendel. Their work is summarised in the table.

Which option correctly describes the effects of anti-diuretic hormone when released in the kidney?

What are the differences between viruses and prions?

What were two experimental techniques used by Gregor Mendel in his study of heredity?

The responses of three Australian organisms to changes in the environmental temperature are given in the table.


A cattle farm contained 50 cattle with symptoms of bovine tuberculosis. Tests revealed that each of the diseased cattle was infected with the same type of bacterium. What would be the next two steps in accordance with Koch’s postulates?

Which substance is transported in the form of a chylomicron in mammalian blood?

Organisms that are osmoconformers use amino acids, glucose and other small molecules to vary the concentrations in their cells to match their environment. What type of process is this an example of?

The graph shows the oxygen dissociation curves for Hb at various blood pH levels.

Which of the following are appropriate Australian plant responses to hot and cold temperatures experienced during daytime?


What roles do the components of the nervous system play during homeostasis?

The diagram shows the process of DNA replication.

Coat colour inheritance in certain cats is sex-linked and codominant. Male cats can have yellow or black coat colours. Female cats may be yellow, black or tortoiseshell in colour. What would be the probability of having yellow female offspring if a tortoiseshell female is crossed with a yellow male?

Why is the Y chromosome of humans passed on unchanged from one generation to another?

Which set of chemicals is required to synthesise part of a polypeptide?