2012 Chemistry – Girraween with Solutions ( Practise Mode Multiple Choice )

Ethanol is widely used as a solvent.What is one limitation of ethanol as a solvent for nonpolar substances?

A car engine burns petrol with insufficient air. Which substance would be emitted in the exhaust in higher levels than from an engine with the correct fuel to air ratio?

The concentration of ozone in the troposphere is 0.000003% (v/v). What is this concentration in parts per million?

Sodium chromate may be formed by reacting hydrogen peroxide with sodium chromite in alkaline conditions as shown below.

An aqueous solution was tested in the laboratory with various indicators. The results of the testing are displayed below.


Solutions containing lead ions were analysed by AAS. A standard aqueous solution of 10 ppm lead had an absorbance of 0.3. A second solution of unknown concentration was found to have an absorbance of 0.6. 100 ml of this second solution was reacted with excess potassium iodide solution. The precipitate was then washed, dried and weighed. What was the mass of precipitate formed?

Which of the following metals in the elemental state would have the greatest tendency to reduce iron (III) in aqueous solution?

Which diagram displays a four-monomer segment of cellulose?

Phenylethene (benzyl ethene) is used to form a polymer having which set of properties?

A student constructs a galvanic cell in order to measure the cell potential for the reaction between lead and aluminium under standard conditions. What is the cell potential EӨ (e.m.f.) for the cell?


Which action would have the greatest increase in the pH of the solution?

1-hexene may be formed from the cracking of petroleum compounds. Which equation represents formation of 1-hexene from the catalytic cracking of a very high boiling point distillation product of petroleum refining?

Sulfur dioxide is classified as

In the production of ammonia using the Haber process, which of the following statements is INCORRECT?

A solution was known to contain either sodium nitrate, sodium carbonate or sodium chloride. Samples of the solution gave bubbles of gas after adding HNO3(aq), and no precipitate was observed when NH4NO3(aq) was added. What anion was present in the original solution?


Chromate (CrO4^2- ) and dichromate(Cr2O7 ^2-) ions form an equilibrium mixture as represented in the equation:

The scientist(s) who first classified acids as ‘substances which produced hydrogen gas when electrolysed or after reaction with certain metals’ was/were