2013 Business – Barker Trial with Solutions ( Practise Mode Multiple Choice )

Which of the following are the objectives of financial management?

Which of the following are pricing methods?

Which is one of the most important pieces of legislation currently regulating marketing practices in Australia?

Which of the following are strategies to resolve industrial disputes?

Which organisation is responsible for the conduct of businesses and assists in reducing fraud and unfair practices?


When the operations manager uses more expensive inputs, which of the following would be true?

A car mechanic providing a service is an example of which channel of distribution?

Which of the following is an example of economies of scale?

Which of the following is an example of a current asset?

What are two key objectives of government influence in human resource management?


What is the minimum number of days needed to complete the project?

Which of the following would be expected to occur when using LIFO (last-in-first-out)?

Relationship marketing is best defined in which of the following ways?

Which of the following operations influences would increase long term costs?

Henry’s job is to put into place an effective training program for his employees. What will be the main part of this process?


Which of the following provisions is included in the National Employment Standards?

Which of the following are sources of short term external funds for a business?

What are the four factors influencing customer choice?

Which of the following best represents the process of financial planning and implementing?

Which of the following indicators would show that a business had a poor corporate culture?