2013 Business – SHS Trial ( Practise Mode Multiple Choice )

A pizza deliver service needs to ensure that its product is produced and delivered in a timely and reliable manner where the pizza is hot and of a high quality. Which of the following elements of services marketing are they focusing on?

A business manufacturing fruit juice uses pineapples from a local farm. Which of the following would the pineapples be classified as?

Which of the following involves monitoring the flow of materials to best meet the needs of customers?

A global fast food business that is well established has a powerful brand image and wants to expand into a new market in South East Asia with limited existing fast food outlets would be most focused on what in the initial stages of expansion?

Which of the following gives the buyer the right but not the obligation to buy currency at a specified time in the future?


Which of the following examples would be considered misleading and deceptive?

Which of the following statements about recruitment is true?

Which of the following would be the biggest factors influencing the decision of a teenager to purchase the latest fashions in clothing?

Harry’s Hoola Hoops have traditionally produced their products then used direct selling to encourage retailers to stock their goods for years. They have now decided to find out what the retailers want and tailor their product to the needs of their customer. Which of the following statements about Harry’s Hoola Hoops is true?

Which of the following pieces of legislation would be being breached if a woman was looked over for a promotion because she was pregnant?


The NJ Store is a clothing retailer that is always finding it is short on stock. Which of the following would be a way the business could best address these physical distribution issues?

Sally finds that after paying a very high price for her android phone that was advertised as having the latest technology incorporated with it that it does not stay on for more than 10 minutes at a time. Which of the following legal matters could Sally raise with the manufacturer that have been breached?

A business is aiming to reduce its total level of debts so that they can remain a viable proposition in the long term. Which of the following objectives of financial management are they currently trying to address?

Which of the following would a doctor likely use to differentiate from competitors?

Which of the following forms of promotion would be most appropriate for a business that has a visually appealing product that hopes to reach a mass market?


Which of the following would be the most useful strategies for a business hoping to position the product as very high quality?

Which of the following strategies would be most useful for BRKs to improve its liquidity?

Which of the following would NOT be considered ethical issues in marketing products?

Which of the following markets would be involved for a wholesaler of confectionery who sells to retailers as well as individuals?

What is the current ratio for BRKs on the below date?