2013 Business – Sydney Tech Trial ( Practise Mode Multiple Choice )

Employees of an Australian business are taking legal action against their employer as several workers have contracted a disease due to what they believe was ongoing exposure to toxic materials in the workplace. The employer was likely to have failed to fulfill which of the following ethical and legal responsibilities towards its workers?

An Australian company operating in the global cosmetics market has been accused of misleading claims in relation to the health effects of its product.

What is the resulting change to owner‟s equity?

Which of the following has the highest risk for an importer?.

What type of consumer market are free range eggs in 1990?


Which of the following has been a reason for an increase in the use of contractors?

Which of the following actions is used in the development phase of human resource process?

Which of the following best illustrates timing within the transformation operations process?

What is the possible explanation for the increase in gross profit in 2013?

A large supermarket chain is selling milk at below cost for the purpose of attracting customers. What pricing strategy is this?


What was the value of both the net profit ratio and the expenses in 2012?

The finance director of a medium sized business with 10 shareholders has instructed a major supplier to delay invoicing the business until after the end of the financial year. What is the finance director attempting to do?

A company located in Sydney has been operating for 50 years. Despite repeated requests from employees, management refuses to explore the possibilities of flexible work times and opportunities for some work to be carried on at home. Which key social influences have management look to have ignored?

A large Australian company with many female employees is concerned at the low numbers of women it has in promotion positions and is reviewing its practices. In carrying out the review it is dealing with which of the following workplace issues?

Increase demand for gold due to global financial insecurity causes a gold-mining company to increase the number of people in their mines? What type of influence on human resources was this?


The administration of Frames and Pictures decided to try and reduce the number of days to collect its accounts receivable. What is the reason for this decision?

A sports team keeps a database of all past ticket buyers and contacts them to become members. All club members are given regular newsletters and the added bonus of discounts on merchandise. What type of promotional strategy is this?

The sales of free range and barn laid eggs have both increased. Which of the following could have contributed to this change?

A car manufacturer “Firewall Ltd” has announced that the first 6 services on a new car will be free of charge. What type of operation process is this?

A new soft drink company “Gen” wants its product available to consumers to maximize its customer base. What distribution strategy is this?