2013 Chemistry – Sydney Tech ( Practise Mode Multiple Choice )

Cellulose is an example of a condensation polymer, and it is the major component of biomass.

Which one of the following substances can be classified as an Arrhenius acid?

Consider the table below:

A student carried out an experiment, using the apparatus shown, to find the heat of combustion of ethanol.

The graph shows the concentrations over time for the equilibrium system:


The diagram shows a galvanic cell used to measure electrode potentials.

What is the correct systematic name for the compound having the structure shown below?

Which one of the following species could be analysed using AAS?

Which of the following describes a correct procedure to test for barium ions in 2 mL of a dilute acid solution?

It is important that the reaction of methane with oxygen be monitored to prevent the formation of which substance?


The naturally occurring acid 2-hydroxypropane-1,2,3-tricarboxylic acid is also known as

Phenolphthalein can be used to determine the equivalence point in the titration of acetic acid with sodium hydroxide, but methyl orange is no use in this case. The most appropriate explanation for the above statement is:

HDPE and LDPE are two of the most commercially important polymers in use today. Which one of the following options correctly describes aspects of their chemistry?

Which one of the following species contains a coordinate covalent bond?

Identify the two components required to prepare a buffer solution.


Consider the following carbon compounds, which are all clear, colourless liquids.

Consider the following graph which relates to the Haber process:

An analytical chemist thinks that a sample of drinking water contains high levels of copper(II).

The table shows the recorded values for the enthalpy of combustion of natural gas, from different sources, under standard conditions.

The diagram below shows a polymer.