2013 Legal – Barker Trial ( Practise Mode Multiple Choice )

What is the role of the Security Council in protecting human rights?

Which of the following human rights may be best described as a collective right

Which statement is true about the search of the property?

Which of the following best describes the term remand?

Which of the following best describes the responsibility to protect in international law?


Which of the following statements best describes their chance of being released on bail?

In relation to international and domestic rights, which of the following statements is true.

Which of the following situations best illustrates the recognition and enforcement of human rights by the Australian legal system.

What is the practical effect of Australia signing an international human rights treaty?

According to the separation of powers in the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Australia, who has the power to enforce the law?


The government bans protesting by students over increases to university fees. What type of right is being denied to these students?

Which if the following are not expressed in the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights?

Which of the following was the first major international document to recognise that human rights apply to all people?

How does the defence of mental illness differ from the other criminal defences?

Which of the following best describes the right to legal representation in criminal matters?


Which right is not entrenched within the Australian Constitution?

In court Ben argues that the cultivation of cannabis was to support his own drug habit. Which of the following is true?

In return for information about other cannabis suppliers, Bill is offered a plea bargain by the prosecution. Which of the following best describes events if Bill accepts the offer?

Which of the following factors affecting criminal behaviour are most likely the cause of Samuel and Andrew’s actions?

Which of following is an example of a non-government organisation involved in the promotion and enforcement of human rights.