2013 Physics – Sydney Tech Trial ( Practise Mode Multiple Choice )

In which arrangement is the force on wire W the greatest in magnitude?

A hand-turned electric generator has its outputs connected to a CRO. The CRO screen appears below:

In an experiment to demonstrate the photoelectric effect, it was found that when light with a frequency f and an intensity I was shone on the cathode, the voltage needed to completely stop the photoelectric current was V volts. The effect of increasing the incident light intensity shining on the cathode is that the voltage V needed to be:

ensuring the net force on the object remains zero.

A gaseous planet expands and contracts in size while maintaining the same mass.


One of the advantages of AC induction motors compared to other electric motors is that they:

The maximum torque produced by a single-coil DC motor is 2.8 N m. This torque could be produced if the motor had 200 turns on the coil and:

The gravitational potential energy of an object near Earth’s surface is changed. This could be done by:

Hertz observed the photoelectric effect in his experiments with radio waves but he did not investigate this phenomenon further.

Which graph most closely resembles the path taken by a projectile fired from the Earth’s surface, ignoring air friction?


The concept of time dilation is a direct consequence of:

Wire X and structure Y are shown in the illustrations below.

The slingshot effect can be best summarised as:

The one spare seat at the back of the bus is taken by a passenger who moves from the second back row. Their seat is then taken by a passenger from the row in front who moves back a row, and so on until there is a spare seat at the front. This movement is a model for the movement of electrons in:

A cathode ray tube with a rotating paddle wheel turns when the cathode rays strike the paddles. This is evidence that cathode rays possess:


An ideal transformer has 4000 turns on the primary coil and 250 turns on the secondary coil. The input and output voltages for this transformer could be:

The wavelength of a photon of blue light is 540 nm. How much energy does this photon carry?

The acceleration of a rocket being used to transport astronauts to the International Space Station is shown for the minutes just after launch: