2014 Biology – PEM Trial ( Practise Mode Multiple Choice )

A mutation occurred causing a significant change of several bases in the DNA sequence of a section of DNA. This would most likely lead to:

An example of the effect of the environment on the phenotype of an organism is:

The pulse oximeter is used in hospitals to measure the blood concentration of:

In defence against disease in the human body, cilia and mucous membranes are considered to be part of the:

A student made the following description of a cell undergoing meiosis that she observed in some diagrams “The homologous pairs of chromosomes are separating towards the poles on the spindle”. The student was describing which phase of meiosis?


Which of the following best describes how mitosis assists in the maintenance of health?

In order to maintain water balance, freshwater fish survive by:

The scientists Watson, Crick, Franklin and Wilkins were responsible for:

Which of the following, matches the structures correctly with their characteristics?

For which of the following is Thomas Hunt Morgan remembered?


It has been noted after using high levels of pesticides on farms for many years, that the pesticides seem to have less effect on the insects. Darwin would explain this as being most likely due to:

Malaria is caused by:

A new species of snake has been found in Borneo which has 3 varietal colours; yellow, brown and patchy yellow and brown. If a yellow snake and a brown snake are mated then all the offspring are patchy yellow and brown. If two of the patchy yellow and brown snakes are mated the ratio of colours in the offspring are 1 yellow: 2 patchy yellow and brown: 1 brown. This ratio can be best explained by:

A bushwalker was hiking in the bush and ran out of clean drinking water. He obtained some water from a local stream but was unsure as to its purity. The best way to make the water safe to drink would be to:

Match the substances and the best answer as to how they are carried in the body.


Antibodies are produced by:

A sample of DNA was found to contain 30% guanine. The percentage of adenine would therefore be:

The hormone released by the adrenal gland to control salt levels in the kidney is:

Which of the following characteristics would be an adaptation an Australian plant would possess to minimize water loss?

An organism was found to lie out in the sun in the morning to raise its body temperature above that of the ambient temperature in order to increase its metabolism and then it moves under the shade in the middle of the day to reduce its body temperature below that of the surrounds. This organism is most likely an: