2014 Business – Sydney Boys Trial ( Practise Mode Multiple Choice )

Snap Cameras Pty Ltd uses inspections of their cameras at selected points in the production process. Which quality management strategy is the business using?

Who administers workplace health and safety laws and workers compensation in NSW?Who administers workplace health and safety laws and workers compensation in NSW?

Flexible work structures is a common method employed by which of the following?

What is the value of working capital?

A company has recently decided to offer a discount for early payment of accounts. What is the likely result?


Jan’s Coaching Services Pty Ltd has provided the following data based on the profit and loss statement ending 30 June 2013. What is the value of the cost of goods sold for Jan’s Coaching Services Pty Ltd?

Which element of the marketing mix involves creating and maintaining consumer awareness and interest in the output of a business?

Ajax Pty Ltd has provided the following information for the last month. What is the net profit ratio (net profit / sales) for this business (to the nearest two decimal places)?

Which of the following terms refers to businesses purchasing supplies or services? without being constrained by location?

Which of the following is a primary source of data collection in the marketing process?


Which leadership style is most likely to be found in a para military organis

Which distribution strategy will be used by a business wishing to saturate the market with its product?

Which of the following is associated with logistics?

A service organisation transforms inputs into which of the following?

The opening balance in January was $2,000. What is the closing balance for May?


A mobile phone manufacturer introduces a revolutionary new model with technological features far superior to any other existing mobile phone. It decides to charge the highest price in the market for this new model. What pricing strategy is this?

A factory has recently implemented an inventory management system which has lowered the lead time on stock acquisition and reduced holding costs. What type of inventory management system would this likely be?

Which of the following is an example of covert industrial action?

Which of the following refers to open and accountable business actions based on respect for people?

Which of the following would be a suitable strategy for Virginia to use to help deal with the cash flow situation?