2014 Legal – St Catherines Trial ( Practise Mode Multiple Choice )

The NSW Council of Civil Liberties is best described as what type of organisation ?

Which of the following factors affecting criminal behaviour are most likely the cause of Samuel and Andrew’s actions?

Amir, a Malaysian citizen, is wanted in Australia to face charges of people smuggling. He is arrested in a Malay fishing village by local authorities. Which of the following statements is true?

The Prime Minister of Australia signs a new international law aimed at abolishing the use of the internet for the distribution of child pornography. When does this law apply in Australia?

Who can appeal a sentence?


Which of the following best describes Andrew’s degree of involvement in criminal behaviour?

Which of the following statements is considered an argument against the passing of an Australian Human Rights Act?

Isaac is 15 years old and has been arrested and charged with armed robbery. Which statement is correct about Isaac’s trial?

Justin is given the opportunity to apologise to the person whose shop he vandalised. What is this called?

Which statement is true about sentencing in NSW?


When is a victim impact statement presented in court?

Under which offences might Samuel be prosecuted for operating this website?

The Antarctic Treaty forbids mining in Antarctica. The US, a signatory to the Treaty, decides to commence drilling for oil in Antarctica. Australia disputes this action and refers the matter to the UN. In which court would this dispute be heard?

Monty is given a two year suspended sentence for assault. What circumstances are associated with such a sentence?

How does the concept of doli incapax apply to Sinclair in relation to these offences?


Which of the following is an example of situational crime prevention?

The right to work is protected under which international law?

Which of the following is a public order offence?

What is the purpose of cross examination of a witness in a criminal trial?

Which of the following does legal aid in NSW attempt to achieve?