2014 Physics – James Ruse Trial ( Practise Mode Multiple Choice )

An investigation was performed to measure the force F on a charged object as the electric field E was varied. The results were plotted on a graph of F versus E which is shown below.

A rectangular wire loop is being pulled through a uniform magnetic field, as shown.

The gravitational acceleration on a planet is 20 % less than that on the Earth. A rocket takes a man from the Earth to this planet.


An electron moving at 21 000 m s^-1 enters a magnetic field of 3.5 T at an angle of 30° as shown in the diagram. What

Electrons are travelling in the storage ring of a synchrotron at close to the speed of light. They are directed from a straight section into a curved section of the storage ring, as shown in the figure.

A simple AC generator has a rectangular coil of N turns and cross-sectional area A. It rotates with frequency f in a uniform magnetic field of strength B. Which of the following changes will result in the greatest induced emf?

The Michelson–Morley experiment established that:

Two satellites of masses M1 and M2 have escape velocities V1 and V2 from the surface of a planet of radius R, with acceleration due to gravity g.


An electric motor is connected to an AC power supply as shown and a voltmeter is connected across the terminals of the motor.

The wavelength of waves being broadcast from radio station 2MMM in Sydney is 2.86 m. Calculate the energy of a photon of this wave.

A passenger train travels east at high speed. One passenger is located at the east side of one carriage, another is located in the west side of that carriage. In the train’s frame, these two passengers glance up at the same time. In the Earth’s frame, with the observer being equidistant from both passengers, he would notice

Which statement can be correctly described as Planck’s hypothesis?

The output voltage from a transformer is greater than the input voltage. Why does this not contradict the law of conservation of energy?


Four rings (plastic, aluminium, copper and copper with slit) are dropped at the same time over four identical magnets

While riding at a constant speed on the train at the Kiddie Park, Victor Velocity playfully tossed Phluffy straight upward. During the time Phluffy was in the air, the train moved forward 1 m. Where would Phluffy land?

Conductors have a large number of free electrons in the conduction band compared to semiconductors and insulators. The number of free electrons in semiconductors can be increased. How is this achieved?

Consider an astronaut during take-off. Which definition of the g-force on her is correct?