2014 Physics – Sydney Grammar ( Practise Mode Multiple Choice )

A certain type of infra-red laser emits radiation with a wavelength of 930 nm. What frequency does this correspond to?

Which of the diagrams below best represents the electric field around two opposite charges?

Two parallel horizontal plates are separated by a distance of d metres and have a potential difference of V volts maintained between them. Also present is a uniform magnetic field of B Teslas. A horizontal beam of electrons is directed between the plates so that it is moving at right angles to the magnetic field as shown below.

A train travelling at 0.8c passes an observer on the platform who measures the length of the train as 100m. What would a passenger on the train measure the length of the train to be?

Consider the diagram below, which shows a striation pattern in a cathode ray tube.


A certain type of infra-red laser emits radiation with a wavelength of 930 nm. What frequency does this correspond to?

The diagram below shows a charged particle positioned between two charged, parallel, metal plates.

A satellite of mass m in orbit around the Earth has a velocity of v. The gravitational potential energy of the satellite is:

The primary coil of an ideal transformer is connected to a voltage supply (Vp). This input voltage is varied and the corresponding voltage output in the secondary coil (Vs) is recorded. The following graph shows the results.

If the mass of the Earth was doubled and its radius was also doubled then the new value for the acceleration due to gravity on Earth would be:


In the field of Quantum Physics, Max Planck is known for:

A projectile fired at a speed of u and an angle of  to the horizontal, reaches a maximum height of H. When the same projectile is fired again at the same angle with a new higher initial speed it reaches a new maximum height of 2H. It true to say that:

In the graph shown, the solid curve shows how the emf produced by a simple generator varies with time. The dashed curve is the output from the same generator after a modification has been made to the generator.

An electric motor with a constant voltage supply is used to raise a weight. If the weight is decreased the speed of rotation of the motor increases. Which of the following quantities will decrease in value?


The diagram below shows an electron moving in a uniform magnetic field.

A diagram of a loudspeaker is shown below.

A bomber is flying horizontally at 200ms-1 at an altitude of 120m. At what horizontal distance from the target does the bomber need to drop a bomb so that it hits the target?

Two parallel wires have identical currents running through them. If the wires are 0.15m apart and attract each other with a force of 2.5 N per metre, what is the current in each wire?

The diagram below shows a side-on view of a square coil in a simplified DC motor. The coil has sides of length 0.250 m and consists of 100 turns. The magnitude of the uniform magnetic field strength between the poles is 0.800 T.