Caringbah 2016 General Maths ( Practise Mode Multiple Choice )

The probability that the temperature will fall below -10° on any day through winter at a particular city in the northern hemisphere is 0.85. Which calculation will give the probability that the temperature in this city will fall below -10° on at least one day of the weekend?

A table of future value interest factors up to 4 periods is shown below.

The value of a motor vehicle, purchased new for $20 000, is calculated over 8 years using the declining balance method of depreciation.

A builder provi~ed a written quotation of $18 250 to complete some renovations requested by a homeowner. The quotation included a G.S.T of 10%. Which of these calculations would give the amount of the G.S.T included in the quotation?

The equation of this straight line is:


A child's party hat is made in the shape of a cone of height 20 cm and diameter 30 cm. The slant height (L) of the con

Maddy calculates her z-score to be 1.85 after receiving her assessment task result of 68%. The results on the task were normally distributed. If the standard deviation on the task was 8.5, what was the mean?

The stamp duty on a car is calculated using the table below.

A doctor prescribes a patient 750 g of medication per day to be taken every 4 hours. A bottle of this medication from the chemist contains a concentration of 50 g/5 mL. How many millilitres does the patient need to take in each dose?


In the diagram, the line L has the equation y = mx + b.

Expand and simplify: 3(1-2x)-2(x+l).

A concrete pipe shown below has length 1.25 m. Its internal diameter is 8 cm and its external diameter is 15 cm.

If a = -3 and b = 2, what is the value of

Claire collected data about the amount of rain that fell over a number of days in Sydney. This data can be best described as being:


The probability that the temperature will fall below -10° on any day through winter at a particular city in the northern hemisphere is 0.85.

A shape in the form of a semi-circular arch is cut from a piece of cardboard.

Luke completes a statistical analysis on the weights (in kilograms) of each member of his gym. He finds that the data is normally distributed, with a mean of 55.0 and a standard deviation of 6.5. What percentage would lie between 48.5 kg and 68.0 kg?

Catherine borrows $10 000 at 6% p.a. to buy a car and chooses to repay it in monthly repayments over 5 years.

Anton pays 24% of his gross pay in tax. If Anton pays $153.12 in tax each week, Find his gross weekly pay.

The number of 'standard drinks' in various glasses of wine is shown below.

Perth in Western Australia is 8 hours ahead of Greenwich in England. Cape Town in South Africa is 2 hours ahead of Greenwich. What is the time in Cape Town when it is 1 pm in Perth?

Val plans to wear jeans with a T-shirt and a jumper. She has two pairs of jeans, four T-shirts and three jumpers. How many different outfits can she wear?