Knox 2016 General Maths ( Practise Mode Multiple Choice )

James collects data from two groups of runners. Both sets of data are normally distributed and displayed in the graphs below. Graph P shows the weights in kilograms of the long distance running team members, and Graph Q shows the weight of the 100 metres track running team members.

A hospital patient is given 1.2 litres of fluid over 10 hours by intravenous drip. The fluid is delivered at a rate of 20 drops per mL. What is the required drip rate, in drops per minute?

The weights of 10 000 newborn babies in NSW are normally distributed. These weights have a mean of 3.1 kg and a standard deviation of 0.35 kg. How many of these newborn babies have a weight between 2.75 kg and 4.15 kg?

On a school report, a student’s record of completing work is graded using the following codes.

The box-and-whisker plot shows the distribution of the ages of children in Algebraville in 2002 and 2012.


Brady has 16 GB of data storage space available on his computer. Approximately how many files of average size of 7.2 MB can he store?

A camera costs $449, including 12% GST. What is the price of the camera without GST, correct to the nearest dollar?

Which of the following represents the correct solution to this pair of simultaneous equations?

The square ABCD has a perimeter of 36 cm.

A circular grass field has a diameter of 30 metres. There is a concrete rectangle in the middle with a length of 21 metres and a width of 13 metres, as shown in the diagram below.


The following is the graph of a relationship between two quantities x and y.

Jack manufactures leather wallets. The following graph models the cost and income for his business.

This diagram shows a radial survey of a park.

Katherine is a childcare worker who earns $640.00 per week. She receives a pay increase of 4% but then decides to reduce the number of hours she works each week. The reduced hours resulted in a decrease of 9% in her weekly pay. How much is she paid per week after the reduction of hours?


The number of ‘standard drinks’ in various glasses of wine is shown.

The area of the triangle shown is 250 cm^2.

An insurance company offers customers the following discounts on the basic annual premium for car insurance

A sample of three players is to be taken from a football team of eleven players. How many samples are possible?

Researchers have found a correlation between the lengths of the legs of puppies and their running speed.

The following information is given about the location of three towns X ,Y and Z :

Jackson enters into an agreement with a department store to purchase a home theatre package valued at $12 600 with monthly repayments over 2 years. The store charges reducible interest of 8.2% p.a. and sets the monthly repayments at $620. What is the equivalent flat rate of interest being charged for this purchase?

A wildlife officer wishes to determine the number of rabbits on an island. He catches and tags 40 rabbits and releases them. One week later he catches a second sample of 60 rabbits and finds that 8 of them are tagged. Which of the following is the best estimate for the rabbit population of the island?