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Online HSC Multiple Choice Quizzes

There are two options of Multiple choice Tests, “Test Mode” OR “Practise Mode”.┬áTo proceed to the multiple choice click on the following tabs “Test Mode” OR “Practise Mode ”

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Test Mode Trial Exam Multiple Choice

What is Test Mode Multiple Choice?

It’s a multiple┬áchoice test with a timer exactly to the multiple choice duration of an HSC exam. In the test mode, you can have many turns as you want and there’s a leaderboard for the best results of other students.

Test #1

Test #2

Practise Mode Trial Exam Multiple Choice

What is Practise Mode Multiple Choice?

It’s a multiple choice test with no timer which means you can take your time to do the Multiple Choice. After feeling confident after these Multiple Choice test, you can test yourself with our “Test mode Multiple Choice” which has timer plus with a leader-board.

Practise Test #1

Practise Test #2